Issue with mouse when starting X

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*Sometimes* when X starts it does detect the mouse as seen in the log
but when I move it nothing happens on screen, and doing a cat on the
/dev/input/eventX does not produce anything either when moving the

To get the mouse to work, most of the time I have to unplug the USB
adapter and replug it, although sometimes I need to switch it with the
keyboard USB adapter.
I am not sure why and how as it does not always happen.
I know of at least one other person with similar symptoms.

As for my configuration, I am running Arch Linux with a 3.4 Linux
kernel, xorg-server 1.12.2, evdev 2.7.0.
My mouse is a Logitech performance MX with a USB wireless unifying receiver.
My keyboard is a diNovo keyboard with a USB bluetooth receiver.
Xorg is auto-started by kdm which is started by systemd.

Here is my log:
In this one I cold started the computer, then got no mouse so I
unplugged / replugged the receiver but nothing so then I switched they
keyboard and mouse receivers and then it worked. Everything was
working fine before shutting down the computer though.

Thank you,
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