Which Driver for Intel Atom d2700 (GMA3650)?

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I have an Intel d2700 cpu on a D2700DC board.  The
Intel graphics are reported to be "GMA3650."  Some
research tells me that a kernel driver for this
video chip has been developed and is available in
kernels > 3.3.  It is called the "gma500_gfx".

I can modprobe this module and get it loaded into
the kernel.  What I can't figure out is how to link
it to "X" to drive the display.  Using a Debian-
based Linux distribution.  The display hardware is
a 1920x1080 LCD, and that is the resolution I would
like to achieve.

Hacking around with xorg.conf has not been fruitful.
X driver module names I have tried are not found.
Can someone point me to the X module to use?  A
working xorg.conf would be even better!  This is a
sweet little nettop machine, and getting the display
to work correctly is the last problem I need to solve...

Thanks for your time and consideration.
Bruce Fowler  732-758-0596
40° 21.24'N  -  74° 5.86'W
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