Re: Lenovo Thinkpad 410s Intel problem with rotated display on minidock dvi: xterm output is only flushed when I press button on the keyboard

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Hello Sérgio,

> > xterm on rotated intel card stalls until mouse or keyboard button
> > pressed

* Sérgio Basto <sergio@xxxxxxxxxx> [2012-06-06 04:39]:
> clean or remove xorg.conf 

I started without a xorg.conf and than tried to overwrite parameters.

> you have several bug opened more than one year on Fedora about
> Arrandale , so I guess it is fixed in a little early version that you
> have. 

I'm not Jim Minter, so I don't.

The problem is still there, I can still reproduce it. However I have a
workaround which works fine for me: I use urxvt which doesn't have the
problem. With every other xterm I still have problems: xterm, aterm, ...

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