Re: X server crash due to evdev device - regression

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On 14.05.2012 13:28, Ben Bucksch wrote:
> On 14.05.2012 08:01, Peter Hutterer wrote:
>> Please try to reproduce with the stock 1.12 server and file a bug. Attach
>> your evemu recording so I can try to reproduce this.
> Sorry, but I can't do anything that involves changing my Xserver on my
> production system, installing a separate OS, or compiling X11 myself.
> The stack and other information you have should suffice to find and fix
> the bug in the code.

As Peter suggested, file it on launchpad and the easiest way to do that
is by running 'ubuntu-bug xorg' on a terminal. It'll attach the
information we need to be able to fix it.

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