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Am 02.05.2012 22:24, schrieb Jerrold Clint Balansi:
> Hello,
> I created a new user. Here's what I got.
> [jcx@vizwall jcX Files]$ ldd ./HelloX
> => /usr/lib64/     (0x00000033efe00000)
> => /lib64/ (0x00000033eda00000)
> => /usr/lib64/ (0x00000033f0600000)
> => /usr/lib64/ (0x00000033f0200000)
> => /lib64/ (0x00000033ee200000)
>         /lib64/ (0x00000033ed600000)
> [jcx@vizwall jcX Files]$
> BTW, when you said "start this hellox in an xterm ?" how exactly can i do
> that?

I do not see how you start your system, but the idea is the following:
login as USER and start you Xserver

there are 2 ways either you are using a display manager (e.g. XDM)
then X is running and you can simply start your xterm.
Or you go to your console that is more complicated.

#start new server in background
$ X :1 &
#the screen will switch and you should get a gray picture
#you get back to console using <ctrl><alt>f1

# start xterm on you new server on display 1
$ xterm -display :1
# go back to display 1 with <ctrl><alt>f8
# go to the white this is you xterm with no decoration
# you can type commands here

# now start a window manager like "twm"
# twm is very simple you can choose any wm you like

# start your hellox

this works for me. (read: maybe there are simpler ways
i dont know)


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