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On 30/04/2012 07:29, xpol wrote:
I would like to start X of my opensuse 12.1 on lenovo z570, using the
nvidia graphic card rather than intel
BIOS is set by 'optimus', that uses both graphic cards, but is not
clear which criterion system is adopting to switch from one card to the

On Windows, a specific software can do the switch depending on load and battery. The idea is that a 'small' graphic card is sufficient for web, mail and office. The 'big' card is turned on when you want to play a 3D game.

On 30/04/2012 07:29, xpol wrote:
I guess fixing the appropriate script in /etc would do the trick. Any

Unfortunately, Nvidia Optimus is not well supported in GNU/Linux. You can't boot directly using the "big" card, you can only switch from the "small to big" and back.

To do so, you can use Bumblebee <>. It allows to switch between the 2 graphic cards. But It's drawback is that the switch is made "by hand" for each application. For instance, to run glxgears with the "big" card, you have to run by hand 'optirun glxgears'.

The trick uses 2 Xservers, one with each card. Apps launched with optirun are rendered on the server using the big card and passed to the other one.

Good luck.

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