Helping folks with xrandr issues

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Hi there,

What's good general advice for dealing with xrandr issues for end users?

I tried to help a user here:
And I ended up pointing him to Intel's report bug page which does seem
to be a really high barrier for entry for average Joe User.!msg/webc-users/0lTYXqQLkJw/it626uMsAk8J
is an nvidia issue (I think) on the Debian based distro I work on. I'm
not sure what actually power the nvidia hardware here, though the
package list can be found at:

I did a search for his error message on this list and I did find
But Michael did try to add a new modeline and still has the same

In these cases can I assume it's the video drivers fault if xrandr fails?

Any other hints to help debugging would be great. For example when I
switch to some modes in xrandr on some machines, the monitor just goes
black and then I'm not sure what to do next.

Thank you for any tips in advance,
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