Re: Laptop screen blank when HDMI connected at boot

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I don't know if this is related, or a separate issue, but if I use
xrandr to disable the laptop screen and then try to re-enable it, ie:

# xrandr --output eDP1 --off
# xrandr --output eDP1 --auto

Then I get:

xrandr: Configure crtc 0 failed

and in Xorg.0.log:

(EE) intel(0): failed to set mode: Invalid argument

On 27 February 2012 14:49, Jamie Kitson <jamie@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have an issue whereby when I leave my HDMI monitor connected to my
> Asus Zenbook UX31E at boot the laptop screen never comes on. X thinks
> that it is on as I can move windows and the mouse cursor into that
> region but I cannot bring it on. I am not sure how to investigate this
> any further. xrandr reports that the monitor is on and at its default
> resolution but does not bring it on.
> Thanks, Jamie
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