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On Wed, 2012-02-29 at 03:31 -0800, Neil Whelchel wrote:
> Hello,
> Thank you for pointing out xscope, I didn't know about it.
> I ran my app under xscope and the first thing I noticed was that there
> were many DAMAGE-Event related messages, about 90 groups of them per
> second. So on a hunch, I disabled DAMAGE in X and the problem of the
> constant chatter went away completely, the CPU went to 0%-1% with tabs
> in the app and gtk.events_pending() returns False as soon as the
> window is rendered just like I expect it to.

Based on this and your description of the visible behaviour, I suspect
what's happening is that the events are being sent for the subwindows
corresponding to each tab, and that this is triggering redrawing, which
you simply don't see because most of the tabs are obscured (and the
visible one repaints with identical content each time).

So this could be a bug in any of X, gtk, or the application.  X could be
sending Damage events for windows that shouldn't get them; or, gtk or
the application could be keeping Damage listeners active for windows
that don't need them.

- ajax

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