[ANNOUNCE] font-util 1.3.0

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These utilities are used when generating and building the packages
for the X.Org fonts.

This release includes a number of bug fixes and code cleanups of
the utilities, as well as improvements to the GNU autoconf macros
for X.Org font packages for cross-compiling support.

Existing font packages will need to have autoreconf run after installing
the new fontutil.m4 to take advantage of the cross-compilation fixes - the 
next release of the font packages will include this fix in the configure
scripts distributed in their tarballs.

Alan Coopersmith (5):
      Add const attributes to fix gcc -Wwrite-strings warnings
      Mark usage() as not returning to clear incorrect uninit var warning
      Fix "cast discards qualifiers from pointer target type" warnings updates to match other X.Org modules
      font-util 1.3.0

Jeremy Huddleston (3):
      bdftruncate: Properly support -w and +w
      ucs2any: Dead code removal
      bdftruncate: Make sure opt_minus_w and opt_plus_w are initialized

Jon TURNEY (2):
      Never run fc-cache if cross-compiling
      If cross-compiling, we don't have to run mkfontdir

git tag: font-util-1.3.0
MD5:  ddfc8a89d597651408369d940d03d06b
SHA1: a015f4c5a35d98af72835797293697e0eb9cd506
SHA256: dfa9e55625a4e0250f32fabab1fd5c8ffcd2d1ff2720d6fcf0f74bc8a5929195
MD5:  700372ecf9e2254f9a0e0232da2b245f
SHA1: 90b7137a16949821c8c30e46c8d6fd668886f535
SHA256: f3791f3808c418f66f6b58af20997928592aba8604aa30a2b6a149b5c7fefca5

	-Alan Coopersmith-              alan.coopersmith@xxxxxxxxxx
	 Oracle Solaris Engineering -

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