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On 02/21/12 09:25 AM, jtowler@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
         I run NetBSD curr ver 5.1.2.  I want to build a more recent Xorg
         dist. than they supply for that version of the OS.  The build
         process which they use is not exactly running make World in the
         xc directory, and I have not yet been able to make their system
         build correctly.  The dist tar files for X11>R6 are at in separate dirs each with some piece of the system
         that is X11.  Versions of X11R6 and XFree86 all unpacked into a
         single project root directory from which the build took place.
         Where or how is this mapping accomplished.  Does unpacking all
         the separate tar files of X11R7.? in whatever subdirectory they
         are found result in a common singly rooted tree from which a
         build can be undertaken or how to I need to arganize the file
         dir structure to accomplish this?

X11R7 completely replaced the structure and build system.   There is no
single hierarchy you can build at once any more - just all the individual
modules, allowing you to choose the components you need and skip the ones
you don't, and get updates as they're ready for each module, instead of
having to have a security fix in one library or hardware support updates
in a driver tied to new feature development in the X server.

There are various tools for building multiple modules at once, like the and jhbuild scripts in our modular developer toolkit, and various
distros have put their own build systems in place around the modules, such
as OpenBSD's Xenocara.

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