Re: Ubuntu Dual Monitor (Matrox) problem

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Do people really care about Matrox that much? I'd be happy to take
over maintenance and testing from ajax if people want. (It *is* ajax
maintaining it, right? Or does anybody else have a pile of Matroxes?)

(... Is it "Matroxes" or "Matroces?" Maybe "Matrox" is the singular
and plural? I don't know.)

Also, if you've been fixing it every release, have you been submitting
patches back?

~ C.

2012/2/19 Attila Kinali <attila@xxxxxxxxx>:
> On Sun, 19 Feb 2012 19:44:51 +0100
> Szántó-Várnagy Ádám <szanto.adam@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I want to enable my secondary Matrox card, which cannot be used by default.
>> I have tried to autoconfigure an xorg.conf, which failed to work (X won't
>> start). Here are the details:
> I really hate to say that, but don't use a matrox card.
> The support in has been... "declining" for years. The driver
> is more often broken than working. Anything but the most simple
> configuration (single screen, low resolution) is not garanteed to work...
> and even that often fails too.
> I have been using a matrox card for over 10 years and was very happy
> with it, but having to manually fix the driver every time my distro
> updated was not fun at all..especially if the bug has been known
> for months already.
> In the end i bought myself a cheap ati which has far better support.
> I suggest you do the same, if you can.
>                        Attila Kinali
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