Re: Status of window managers with different virtual desktops per screen?

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On 02/08/2012 12:34 AM, Martin Cracauer wrote:
> Just following up on an older topic:
> if you run with Xinerama (voluntarily or not) and you prefer to have
> separate virtual desktops per screen, you need a window manager that
> does it explicitly.  Last time I brought up the topic (when zaphod
> support was removed from the Intel drivers) the word was that E17
> would support it but that didn't seem to have happened.
> Anything else out there?

I used to run E17 on a Xinerama desktop until a couple of weeks ago
(using 1.10 and E17 from svn -r 62822, as well as several older
versions during the last 1 or 2 years).

And yes, E17 just provided those nice virtual desktops per screen, there
was nothing I had to configure for it. I used distinct pagers for each
screen, et voilá.

I think there are specific keybindings to switch desktops on all screens
simultaneously (named something like "... (all screens)..."), but I've
never used them.


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