Re: Slow XQueryPointer?

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Hi ajax

Thanks for taking the time to look into this.

Trying -schedInterval 5 had slight improvement - the skips weren't as high, the highest was 7ms. But the skips still happen about just as often.

> I think a more complete solution would involve changing the main loop's
> logic slightly: if we get to the end of requests for a single client
> within a single timeslice, start pulling requests from any other clients
> that have pending requests (in priority order) until the timeslice
> expires (at which point we'd loop back around to select and start
> again).  This would punish absolute throughput for any one client when
> contended, but I'm willing to take that if it means we stop dropping
> frames.

This sounds good. Could this make it to the next xserver release?

Also, even when this is fixed, there's going to be many linux systems without it for a year or two. Would there be any workaround for affected systems my app could do?

- Lauri
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