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On 07.01.2012 17:40, Chase Douglas wrote:
Are you sure you are running that version of the driver? Did you change
drivers since you posted your evtest log? The evtest log shows
BTN_TOOL_FINGER being registered, but the upstream driver does not
register it.

The log I posted was from an older Linux kernel. As I wrote back then, it was a Ubuntu 11.10 kernel 3.0.0-14-generic. I then got linux 3.1.5 and modified the driver there, that's the patch I sent. IIRC (!) I also tried unchanged linux 3.1.5 and that showed the same problem as the Ubuntu kernel. So, if I'm not mistaken (see IIRC), my patch did cause a positive change, but also a negative one. I am now using linux 3.2 and the touchscreen doesn't work *at all*, but I use a different .config, so that could be messup here, I'll have to check.
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