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On 12/21/2011 09:25 PM, Ben Bucksch wrote:
> Hey Chase,
> thanks for your answer.
> On 22.12.2011 01:41, Chase Douglas wrote:
>> A capture of the evdev events would be necessary to debug the issue. You
>> can use evtest to do this.
> Done <>

Your driver is reporting the availability of BTN_TOOL_FINGER. This is
only valid for touchpads. That's why the synaptics driver is loading
instead of the evdev driver.

You can fiddle with the input class like you have been to resolve this.
Add these lines to your input class:

Driver "evdev"
Option "Mode" "Absolute"

Or, fix your driver so it works properly. Simply removing the
registration of the BTN_TOOL_EVENT should work. It doesn't even use
BTN_TOOL_FINGER. I've seen this exact issue on almost every driver of
Android origin, like they're all copy & pasted.

Hopefully, with either of these two resolutions things will work right.
I don't see anything else wrong.

You may know this already as well, but your driver/device is only
operating as a single-touch capable device. maXTouch chips all support
at least some multitouch, IIRC. There is an upstream Linux driver for
these chips, and it supports multitouch. I've heard that at least nVidia
has switched over to using it, though their previous driver supported
multitouch too.

-- Chase
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