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On Sun, Nov 20, 2011 at 03:20:11PM -0800, Keith Packard wrote:
> We discussed doing regular releases from master, and Jeremy suggested
> (sensibly) that we just do them whenever there's a stable release. I
> completely spaced that plan, nor was I looking at the Google
> calendar.
> In any case, here's the current state of master. It's missing a pull
> request from alanc -- there were a couple of build failures in that
> which I've replied back about and I expect that'll be fixed shortly.
> For those interested in helping out, here's the 1.12 release tracker.
> Anyone interested in helping clean up the release is encouraged to take
> a look at the outstanding bugs there.
> There's a slight snag about the 1.12 release schedule. I'm going biking
> in New Zealand next February, leaving on the 9th and not getting back
> until March 1st. So, we can either have the release done before I leave,
> or wait until I get back. It seems like the former might work a bit
> better, but it would mean pulling the release in to Feb 8th or so.
> Anyone have an opinion on the matter?

We probably won't get X Input 2.2 done if the release is moved forward to
Feb 8th. What's the date for the merge window end?

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