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2008/8/2 Timo Jyrinki <timo.jyrinki@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Big Buck Bunny (,
> 1920x1080 if you have >2.4GHz machine (Athlon 64 or Core 2)
> Last I've tested it has looked like textured video simply can't be
> enabled by default for usable performance in these situations, but
> it's good to see if it has improved, especially on < i965 hardware.

Ok, so I've tested a little more with xserver 1.5 and 2.4 Intel
driver, and somewhere along the line textured video has become
seemingly fluent with at least GMA X3000 and GMA X3100 chipsets I
have. Meaning that 1920x1080 Big Buck Bunny Ogg video plays without
problems with compiz turned on, in both window and full screen.

Thanks a lot, whenever this actually happened. Together with the EXA
fixes to have performance accceptable without forcing greedy, there
seems to be no need for any workarounds anymore at least with the more
modern Intel graphics.

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