sgi o2 and it's integrated video

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No, i don't own such machine, but i think it's graphics subsystem is quite interesting.

Some time ago one forum member from russian linux site asked if such machine can be used for video playback under linux - answer was (and still is) - no, because lack of acceleration (namely xv accel) - overview - developer's blog

source (probably not latest)

My wild idea was doing colorspace conversion (and some decoding?) on VICE (some sort of programmable coprocessor for imaging tasks) and scale resulting  image with openGL hw.

Also, pure from curiosity, can exa help in such cases? (for netBSD driver they patched xfree's  XAA module.)

I understand what old SGI machines VERY rare. This is not feature request, just hope to start interesting thread about exotic graphics hardware.... (too selfish?)
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