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Patrick Hertel wrote:
>  I have seen this same problem in past bug reports "solved" but none of
> the solutions seem to work:
> eg: loading manually with envy.
> I finally gave up on SUSE because of this and other problems so I have
> one-clicked, manually loaded with sh, looked for gparted files etc
>  After the Nvidia driver is loaded in all cases there is a black screen
> after the boot and CTL+ALT+F1 does not do anything.
> Card is a 7300GT AGP
> Monitor is BENQ FP731
>  The PC is AMD 64 bit  (Gigabyte Motherboard)
> Version 8.04 LTS

You are using the closed-source driver. Xorg doesn't support it, you'll 
have to go to nvidia and ask them.

They have a more or less official forum at [1] or you can try in the 
#nvidia channel on


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