Re: Window Transparency without Compositing Manager

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coldfire a écrit :> Yes, that would be great. You sure can post it anywhere (or as an attachment> if its an option).
git clone
It's in the "no-bling-just-composite" branch
> What I am looking for in xcompmgr is specifically the routine of how does it> blend the pictures to make alpha-transparent. I would look into your trimmed> version of code as well.
The overall idea (if I understand things correctly) is that xcompmgrwill create a server side XRender Picture of the correspondingWindow/Pixmap, and then will call XRenderComposite with an alpha layerfor the aforementioned Picture.
There are 2 cases :  - the Window/Pixmap already has an alpha layer (ARGB pixmap)  - the Window only has a global alpha value (using the_NET_WM_WINDOW_OPACITY atom), in which case an alpha layer is "built"from scratch with the opacity value.
Both XRenderComposite calls on lines 499 and 518 of xcompmgr.c are"easy" enough to understand with some reading.
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