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Hm, well it might just be that you have an unsupported platform.  Some laptops
(notably Thinkpads) have their own backlight controllers that aren't wired up
to the GPU registers at all.  In the Thinkpad case there's a kernel driver
you can load to get access to the backlight.

Yep, I guessed that I might have ended up with some unsupported platform. Any ideas how I can help the developers change it into supported? :-) What information is needed, and where should I file it? (As I think I mentioned earlier, this is fujitsu-siemens lifebook p7010).

Have you looked around for an out-of-tree kernel module that supports the
extra features of your lifebook?  If one exists, it may have
a /sys/class/backlight interface that the Intel driver can use...

I have looked around for a module but haven't been able to find anything of use. If anyone has a similar machine and have found an out-of-tree kernel module, please do tell!


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