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On 4/25/12 2:44 PM, Paul Jones wrote:
> I am running stock Suse 11.1, which is pretty old. Is there a way for
> me to take the latest version of the xfs code and compile it for
> 11.1, or os there a dependency on later kernel versions/Suse versions
> somehow? I am running 2.6-32..I wanted to get all the latest
> scalability and performance fixes..

backporting newer filesystems to older kernels is a nontrivial task.
Distros do it with a fair bit of effort and testing; non-fs-ninjas
usually do not.  :)

So yes, it's technically possible, but it's not a drop-in replacement.

(if you're talking about the userspace xfsprogs code, that's another
matter; newer xfsprogs & xfsdump should work fine with older kernels,
just build it and go)


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