[PATCH 00/37] xfs: current 3.4 patch queue

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This is my current patch queue that I'm testing. It's sitting on top
of Jan Kara's freeze series, but otherwise it is based on an
unmodified 3.4-rc4 + oss-xfs/master tree.

First of all, this series picks up Christoph's xfsbufd removal
series (patches 1-10). I've fixed all the known problems and made
all the changes suggested by myself and others in review. It passes
106 just fine, too. ;)

The next series (patches 11-14) are bug fixes and features that I've
previously posted. I haven't been able to reproduce Ben's CIL commit
sequence assert failure from the async log flushing patch (patch
12/37), so whatever the cause of that problem is is still unknown.

[ Actually, as I wrote this I had a concurrent rm -rf just trip this
assert, so the problem is real and I've obviously got more work to
do on this one.... ]

Following that is the buffer cache cleanup series (patches 15-26).
That is all essentially unchanged, except for a couple of minor
fixes from review comments.

Next up is a fix for XFS_IOC_ALLOCSP, followed by a previously
posted but unreviewed series (patches 28-34) that cleans up some
includes, removes xfs_rw.[ch] and moves all the busy extent handling
out to it's own file. This is all to make it easier to merge code
with userspace.

Finally, 3 new patches that clean up an issue seen in buffer flag
handling, fixes a log mount failure oops, and a further buffer flag
cleanup by making the dominant behaviour the default and not needing
flags to be specified.

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