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Ati help please

Hi to all;

Hope you're all fine.

I have an ATI Radean x1650 PRO AGP. Drivers: latest, 8.40.4 downloaded from ati.amd.com

Well, unfortunately I have a lot of problems:

Primary Monitor: SyncMaster 205BW (Digital Connector)
Secondary Monitor: SyncMaster 793DF (Analog)

(The issues described below happens even if I disconnect the secondary screen)

When I set initial to dual-head and overlay Xv or OpenGL or disabled and reset the pc the mouse pointer gets corrupted. (And I've tried lots of other configurations in xorg.conf and still happens).

Catalyst reports Bus Settings 0x (AGP). ONLY on linux, under windows it is detected as 8x. So I think it is not a Mother board issue.

I get a black screen before playing a video.

EXTREME low performance. example: Stellarium: 0.125 fps; full screen videos skips lots of frames (only tried VLC), and with lots of other applications is the same.

Thanks in advanced!
Alejandro Marzuca
Santiago, Chile
P.S.: Sorry for my english, I know it sucks =P

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