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Re: Licensing fiasco of 2004

Oh, well in that case I agree with you, at least to a point.  Can't
say I agree with xfree86's licensing, nor can I say I disagree.  What
does bother me is that the FSF would be so abruptly hardassed about it
instead of trying to negotiate.

I was curious if there might be something from xfree86's point of view
that wasn't given any light, hence my post here on "getting the inside
scoop".  What I found about "gpl incompatibility" was colorful dialog
between the FSF and XF86, but didn't give me any solid info.  Either I
read the wrong thread or I suck at reading.

I'm hoping that X/FSF and XF86 can be friends again.  I'm stuck with
the fedora line due to lack of knowhow and resources required to build
my own system from scratch, so I don't exactly have much of a choice
in what I use.  Maybe it's good I was stuck in a cave, it saved me
from a gut-wrenching moment watching this heartbreak of an infight.


Anyone know who's bright idea it was to put penises in the GLsnake
screensaver?  I certainly hope it wasn't any of you guys...lol...
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