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Re: input, keyboard and focus NULL

On Thu, 5 Jul 2007, Joe Foster wrote:

I'm working on an ARM based Debian Xserver.  The XFree86 will run with
source modifications.  Programs that do not require input devices such
as ico, xosview, xlogo, xclock work provided I do not cover the
"pointer" with the application.  If the pointer is covered, XFree86
server tries to grab the focus and it is NULL crashing the Xserver.
So a program like xbill will crash the server, so does xeyes since it
follows the pointer...

The keyboard is serial and posible not sending correct codes back, but
the device exists.  The pointer is a touch pad, as with the keyboard,
the device exists but the codes returned may not be 100%.

Any ideas on why the focus would be NULL?  Solutions?
There are other NULL pointers in the server also, so I'm pretty sure
my config is botched somewhere

If it works with a mouse, then I'd suspect a bug in the touch screen driver. Otherwise, a closer look at your source modifications would be in order.


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