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On Mon, 19 Feb 2007, Frank J. R. Hanstick wrote:

The modified supplied gl.h is in xc/extras/Mesa/include/GL and the modification is as follows:
* Added from gl.h found in frameworks
#ifndef GL_TYPEDEFS_2_0
#define GL_TYPEDEFS_2_0
  typedef char GLchar;

This is a work around; however, I believe the actual correction would be to generate the makefile with frameworks as a lead source or update Mesa to a later version of OpenGL. The defined versions in gl.h are as follows:

#define GL_VERSION_1_1   1
#define GL_VERSION_1_2   1
#define GL_VERSION_1_3   1
#define GL_ARB_imaging   1

whereas the defined versions in Frameworks are as follows:

#define GL_VERSION_1_1                    1
#define GL_VERSION_1_2                    1
#define GL_VERSION_1_3                    1
#define GL_VERSION_1_4                    1
#define GL_VERSION_1_5                    1
#define GL_VERSION_2_0                    1

	I hope this helps.

Well, yes & no :-) I suspect we need to resync the Darwin bits in our source tree with X.Org's. Would you be willing to test a patch that does that?


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