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X11 and ivtv overscan


Lately I've been trying to track down a problem concerning overscan, with respect to Xfree86 and IVTV, the drivers used to operate Hauppauge MPEG-encoding video capture cards.

Currently, I am using such a card in a Knoppmyth Linux system, which uses Debian Knoppix + MythTV to create a "one-stop-shopping" solution to DVR.

However, there appears to be an issue concerning Overscan, and the X11 desktop. Normally, one should be able to run "xvidtune", and adjust the X / Y height / width and offset. This is necessary, because users of the Hauppauge Video Cards are outputting the desktop to a television. By nature, televisions overscan quite a bit, and you end up only being able to see about 90% of it. The remaining 10% of the desktop is off the edge of the television screen.

However, xvidtune

Mythtv itself compensates for this by allowing its own GUI to be re-adjusted to compensate the overscan. However, any other Linux app which one may want to execute (Such as video game emulators, etc.), don't fit on the screen.

OK, that covers the "Why". Now, for my specific questions to you all:

1. Is this a known bug in Xfree86 / IVTV?
2. If so, is anybody working on fixing it?
3. If so, who are they, and may I get into contact with them?
4. Would they like assistance?

Perhaps this questions are better for a different mailing list, the -devel one; I can check there too...

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