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MultiView Option for 3DLabs Realizm 800 PC cluster

Title: MultiView Option for 3DLabs Realizm 800 PC cluster

We are interested in a Red Hat EE 3 linux driver for 3DLabs Realizm 800 PCIe graphics card, which would support multiview framelock for 5 PC cluster. Our current linux driver (wildcat-2.0.1-05) supports stereo with Option StereoEnable but we do not know how to set up multiview frame buffer swap locked stereo. Is anybody able to tell us where to go or do you know which options are required in XF86Config to make the multiview work? Stereo development team has left from 3DLabs when the company was acquired by Creative Labs.

Terveisin / Best Regards,
Tapio Hellman
Laboratory Engineer
Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences
School of ICT
Kampusranta 9 A
Mobile: +358408304157
Phone: +358201244914
Internet: http://www.vrlab.fi
Fax: +358 20 124 4937

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