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confusion about fallback resource string format

I have a call to XtAppInitialize, and I was wondering what form the fallback_resources string should be coded:

static String FallbackResources[] = {
    "*mainMenu.geometry: 180x820+0+0",
    "AppName* SectionWindow.x: 200",
    "AppName*SectionWindow.y: 0",

static String FallbackResources[] = {
    "*mainMenu.geometry: 180x820+0+0",
    "*SectionWindow.x: 200",
    "*SectionWindow.y: 0",

We can't get the an application resource file or the .Xdefaults file to work properly if the entry is:

AppName*SectionWindow.x: 200
AppName*SectionWindow.x : 0

working, although

AppName*mainMenu.geometry: 280x820+0+0

seems to work.   Can anyone clarify how the syntax of each should work? 

Thanks in advance


Peter Bismuti

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