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1. how can i find out what options/modules/extensions
  are of benefit?

2. is there a practical way, or a XFree86 plan to
  decrease the amount of memory XFree86 uses? (62MB!)

there should be a good description of
modules/extensions for XFree86.
every module/extension should be
listed somewhere #1, and #2, each
option/module/extension should describe
what it is useful for, and when,
if ever, it is critical.  and it
should be explanatory enough for
the average non-Xwindow techie
to comprehend and find useful.

the man pages just say to look in
/usr/X11R6/lib/... but that isn't
very helpful.  it shouldn't be
so difficult to figure out what
to include and what to exclude.
it should be made very clear so
anyone with half a brain can
figure out what they need or
don't need.

i've been using UNIX type systems for
a dozen years or more, and to this day,
i still find that all the good of UNIX
type systems is dragged down by days/weeks
of trial-and-error type hacking to figure
out things that should take an hour or
two of reading.  i mean, sure, hacking
things out is fun, but so is being
efficient and productive :)

for example, what do these things mean?
how do i know if they are useful to me or not?
do i have to search out each thing for hours
in Google to get a vague notion of each thing?
this isn't a complete list of all options/extensions/modules,
but the point is, these things should be described well enough
for someone to know if they are necessary by a user.
otherwise, having options/extensions/modules is

       Option      "omit BIG-REQUESTS
       Option      "omit DPMS
       Option      "omit Extended-Visual-Information
       Option      "omit FontCache
#       Option      "omit MIT-SCREEN-SAVER
       Option      "omit MIT-SUNDRY-NONSTANDARD
       Option      "omit SYNC
       Option      "omit TOG-CUP
       Option      "omit X-Resource
       Option      "omit XC-MISC
       Option      "omit XFree86-DGA
       Option      "omit XFree86-Misc
#       Option      "omit XFree86-VidModeExtension
#       Option      "omit XVideo
#       Option      "omit XVideo-MotionCompensation

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