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PowerPC compile issues

I am a student at ASU and a group of us are attempting to compile the Xfree86 drivers for a PowerPC architecture. Our goal is to integrate an Advantech PCM-3521 PC/104 VGA
video card, which uses the C&T 65545 Graphics Chip, onto an MIP405 board running linux. We have downloaded the driver source from your website and are using gcc 2.95.3 to cross-compile these drivers for a PowerPC architecture. We have spent time editing cross.def, Xfree86.cf as well as host.def and have come to the conclusion that our cross-compiler is working correctly but our compilation fails when trying to run the binary Imake, found in .../build/config/Imake. This may come accross as a vague question, but if anyone has any information that could direct us as to what configuration file we might have to edit to accomplish this goal, we would much appreciate it. Thank you for any help you can offer.
Brian Fogg
Arizona State University

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