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OS hungs up while running Xfbdev

Title: メッセージ
Hi, everyone:
I am building kdrive X-Server with XFree86 4.3.0 by
cross compiling. Target is a embedded system with
MIPS cpu(NEC VR5701 333M) .
The building was successful, but when I run Xfbdev
on target, X-Window displayed but OS hung up that
I couldnt terminate it by Ctrl-C.
I have no idea about this problem. There is no log
left in /var/log. How can I get any clue about it?
Now I am trying to compile strace and hope it can
give me some hint by running following command.
# strace Xfbdev -o output.log
If anyone knows how to resolve this problem please
tell me and that will be appreciated.

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