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Re: Just start over

Which distribution are you running? In Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3, the command to configure X11 is redhat-config-xfree86, in RHEL 4 the command is system-config-display. There used to be a command called xf86config which may still exist in some Linux distributions. If you can post which distribution you are using, someone may be able to help you configure your X11 display.


Garrett Jochimsen wrote:
Okay, I understand that but how do I re-configure X11 so that I can get back
to having windowing interface.  I want to get back to that part of it.

Garrett Jochimsen
IT Department
Documation LLC
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1 is single user mode (lo login, no network).
3 is multi-user mode with network, no X11
5 is multi-user mode with network and X11

1 - Single user mode
3 - Full multiuser mode
5 - X11

When you reboot with runlevel 3, you should get a login prompt in a text window. At that point the server is running and on the network. You can login on the console, you can login remotely (e.g., ssh), but there is no windowing interface.

You shouldn't have to remove xfree, you can re-configure X11 without removing it. If you really want to remove xfree, it would help to know which distribution you are running.

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