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X server not started.. help me please....


when i install the linux redhat 9.0 for the first restart the X sarver is running well.

in the second restart X server is not started.
i tried manually(after ctrl+alt+F2 giving the 'startx' command) but it didnot started.

the error is

Using Authority file   /root/.Xauthority
writing Authority file  /root/.Xauthority

Fatal server error:
  server is already active for display 0
if server is no longer running, remove /tmp/.X0-lock and start again

( i tried this also but still not working)

Xlib :connecting to " :0.0 " refused by server
Xlib : invalid MIT-MAJIC-COOKIE-1 Key
       giving up
Xinit :unable to connect X server
Xinit : No such process (error no 3): Server error.

please  help me out . i'm newbie to linux

thanks in advance & regards

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