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X starts when mouse is not connected (AllowMouseOpenFail = false)

Hi all,

I work for uses Linux (a custom version) running the 2.4.24 kernel and we've just upgraded to XFree86 4.5.0. Previously, when X was started without a mouse it would exit back to the shell complaining that it couldn't find the core pointer. However, since we've upgraded to 4.5.0 this behaviour no longer occurs - even with the "AllowMouseOpenFail" server flag explicitly set to "false".

Given the fact that my company remotely manages internet kiosks, we want to be able to detect if a mouse is not connected since this usually indicates faulty hardware. Is it still possible to prevent X from starting if there is no mouse attached or has this option been removed? I would appreciate any help since I've not been able to find anything in the docs or via searching the internet.

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