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Re: xinerama/menuconfig

David Dawes <dawes@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>After some hours of struggling I was finaly able to bring xinerama up.
>>Problem: With xinerama the xterm shows no blinking cursor anymore and
>>"make menuconfig" hangs at startup (but not always) showing more or
>>less half of the menu.
>>I'm not able to find this issue (let alone the solution) with google
>>or such.
>>Someone ever encountered this?
>>Debian unstable
>>xfree 4.3.0
>>xfce 4.0.5
>>ati radeon 9600 pro
>Can you try the same thing with XFree86 4.5.0?

I've solved the Problem (sort of):
Starting an Xterm with "UXTerm" (the wrapper) or "xterm -class UXTerm":
Starting with "xterm -class Xterm-color": No problem

As far as I can see, the class UXTerm only adds some fonts, don't know,
why this breaks it.

greets, Holger
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