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[Q] Multiple Monitors with 1 video playing in each.

Title: Bericht
For a project in our school we need to show 4 video's (more or less simultaneously) during a few weeks.  Vid's are < 100 MB eachs and stored on Compact Flash or alike. I noticed that MPlayer is capable of managing many screens but I understand there might be a problem with X (Xfree) and hardware acceleration: will all graphic cards perform equally well (display the vid's fluently) or is X not capable to use all graphic processor power/hardware acceleration from all the cards. The last bit will mean (?) the CPU (AMD/Intel) will have to be fairly powerfull since the CPU will handle most of the video processing.
I would appreciate some advice.

(the only other possibility I see within my budget is using 4 AOpen MVP players as standalone devices... I would rather stick to a  decent solution)

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