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"AllowMouseOpenFail" does not work?

Hi, all
sorry to put a weird question (at least i think so) here:
question in a word: even with the "AllowMouseOpenFail" option, XFree86
can not successfully startup without keyboard/mouse

detailed question:
I'm working on a Linux-on-256M-CF-card with touch screen, X window works
fine. then I would like to use only the touch screen as input device, so
I add the "AllowMouseOpenFail" option in XF86Config file, then unplugged
my mouse, reboot the system,(without keyboard operation has been
successfully tried) but every time I try to startx, the system will
hang, keyboard hit unresponded, ping&telnet from other host unanswered.

Could any body tell me what's possibly the reason of the
"AllowMouseOpenFail" failure?

I have walked through XFree86.0.log, finding no explicit warning or
error complaining about absence of a mouse, so this log file isn't
attached. If anyone think it valuable, I can post it.

thanks in advance

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