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Diamond Stealth 64 DRAM video card

 I am confused and frustrated. I can't seem to get this XServer config
right. I have tried a few different things but nothing seems to work.
I am getting confusing info from web searches saying that my video
card is supported with XFree86 4.3.
Here is my system description:
Processor:        Pentium Pro S 200 MHz with 32 Mb Ram
OS:                  FreeBSD 4.9(purchased 4 CD set with XFree86 4.3)
Video Card:      Diamond Multimedia Stealth 64 DRAM
Video Chipset:  S3 Trio64
Video Ram :     2 MB
Other numbers straight off the chip on the card are:
0519  F32753
Here is my problem:
When I do a post-install configuration of Xserver using ncurses-based
config tool my Diamond card is not listed in the cards section but
my chipset is listed in the chipset section. So, I tried choosing S3
as my video card - no luck. Then I tried choosing generic vga -no luck
Please advise as what to do because I can't seem to locate a CLEAR
and CONCISE way of configuring this card. All I find is that my card
is supported. Is my video card supported or not??
                         Brian (newbie in case you couldn't tell)
E-mail:  HdrCyt1@xxxxxxx


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