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Dear Sirs,
First of all need ask for apologise if i´m sending this to wrong address or error language, I caught that in the command line error messages and it was in english. (i´m brazilian).
few days ago i did installed linux (cemflinux) in my computer with windows xp boot option (ussing windows right now) and i´m 1st time user. I couldn´t run properly linux by errors that i couldn´t understand and looking up i find somethings..
actually i cannot see nothing except console grb or console login (after faulty attemp to load x11). At the root@cemflinux:~# and when i i run startx i have the following error message:
fatal server error: server already active for display 0
if the server is no longer running remove /tmp/.x0-lock and setart again (couldn´t did it cause i don´t know how)
lib: invalid mit.magic-cookie-1 key
iving up (?)
init: unable to connect to x server
init: no such process (errno3): server error
the last error message says to send a mail to this address.
May you please get me some light about it??
Thank you for your attemption
Armando Richard

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