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XF86 Vid Problems

I just recently made a purchase of a gateway 2000 solo (2100) laptop, for 20 bucks, great buy.  Anyhow it has an onboard Cirrus 7548 which is said to be supported in the latest version of XF86 ( 4.3.0).  I ran XF86Config and set all the refresh rates and all the necessities.  I chose my Cirrus 7548 and it said it was unsupported.  I didnt think much of it and then the configuration completed.  I tried to 'startx' and nothing, a blank screen.  I rebooted and chose the generic Cirrus 754X (laptop) video card and did everything the same way.  I tried to start up X and i got the initial screen with the mouse pointer in the center, but no splash screen.  I waited and waited and nothing came up.  It just idles there waiting for something.  Is there some way i can edit the /usr/X11/XF86Config file so i can start up X at all?

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