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Cursor rendered as barcode


I've the following problem:
I've a Matrox G550 and I've been using it with Kernel 2.4 and the
framebuffer-interface. Now I've compiled the Kernel 2.6.1 without the
FB, and tried the binary Matrox drivers (mgadrivers-3.0). When I start
the X-server it works fine, but my cursor got like a barcode. I've
googled a bit, but could only find a tip to put the line 'Option
"sw_cursor"' into the "Device"-section in my /etc/X11/XFConfig-4. But it
didn't work, I'm still seeing this barcode instead of my cursor. Whats
wrong? Can anyone help?

Some data about my computer, perhaps it can help: Athlon 1GHz 512MB RAM Matrox G550, using the DVI-Connector

Debian Sarge
XFree 4.3
Resolution: 1280x1024x16bit (but the problem is resolution-independant)

Thanks, and greetings!
Sacher Khoudari

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