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Xnest and altgr -key


My workstation at work is a linux-box running redhat 9 (running XFree86-4.3.0-2.90.43 and XFree86-Xnest-4.3.0-2.90.43)

I wanted to start to use Xnest to remotely log-in into the other unix-servers (solaris and linux-boxes).
However, I have a serious problem with the keyboard and -especially- te "AltGr"-key.

At first, when I tried the "normal" Xnest, the 'remote-session' used a query-keyboard (the workstation I have has a Belgian azerty-keyboard, "be-latin1" in linux-speak).

Then, I tried the "-kb" option, I did get the correct keyboard; except that the 'altGr'-key doesn't work. So, the "|", "@", "#", "€", "\", ... and all other characters which are on a key that needs the AltGr-key doesn't seam to work. I get the same character as I would get if I would just press only the key. (no shift, no alt, ...)

The "odd" thing is that, if I start "xev" remotely (the X event-displayer tool); and I press the "AltGr" key in the Xev window; the tool DOES indicate it has received an event that the key is pressed. It gives this "... keycode 113 (keysym 0xfe03, ISO_Level3_Shift), ..."

So, the event that "altGr" key is pressed DOES is sent to the other side; but -for some reason- it is not interpreted in the corret way. (althou it does say "keycode = 113, ISO_Level3_Shift" and "xmodmap -pm" does indicate the "ISO_Level3_Shift" as being "modifier 5", both at the local and the remote side).

As I have this problem on all servers I have (linux and solaris), I guess the problem is on the local Xnest running on my workstation.

Anybody any idea?

Cheerio! Kr. Bonne. -- KB905-RIPE Belgacom IP networking (c=be,a=rtt,p=belgacomgroup,s=Bonne,g=Kristoff) Internet, IP and IP/VPN kristoff@xxxxxxxxxxx faxbox: +32 2 2435122

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