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Problems with refresh rates

I have installed XFree86 and am using the Debian 3.0
distro.  Some basic stats are as follows:

Video Card: nVidia GeForce4 MX w/ 64M ram ? I have
installed the drivers for the video card
Monitor: Micron 700FGx that supports 1280x1024 @ 60Hz.
 H freq. 30-69kHz V freq. 50-120

When startx is executed, an nVidia splash screen
appears at a 1280x1024 resolution @ 60Hz.  This I take
as evidence that the drivers installed correctly. 
Then, the screen goes to static with refresh rates far
outside of those supported by my monitor.  (My monitor
has an option to report info on the signal it is
receiving.  It is something about 85kHz and 135Hz.) 
It then flashes back to the splash screen and again
returns to static.  This pattern continues about three
times before it just stays on static.  After this is
finished, even the shells (accessed with ALT+Fx) run
at the outlandish refresh rates.  Linux still
responds, however, and I can blindly go to a shell and
log on, then reboot the machine.  I have already tried
to specify in XF86Config-4 which resolution to use
with the Modeline command.  I have tried options for
1280x1024 and 640x480.  No change.  Any suggestions as
to what I can try next?  Any ideas as to what the
problem is?


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