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Marc Aurele La France wrote:
No. It's more like if you deal with with your own spam filtering, then the list doesn't need to. Besides, what defines spam isn't the transport, nor even the sender, but the receipient.

I have filtering. Two of them, one provided by my ISP, the other by Mozilla Suite. I still get what most people would call unsolicited and undesireable messages.

This isn't just about how much spam I get in my mailbox, it is about how much spam also ends up in the archives.

I was planning on switching to to using Gmane to reading the list, as I prefer to read news for this stuff than e-mail; but even messages that get caught by their filter still end up on the list, you have to filter out those messages your self by the headers. Mozilla can't filter based on anything other than the standard filters so I guess I need to find a better news reader.

However, it seems from the headings that if Gmane's Spam Assassin can catch messages that XFree86's Spam Assassin can not, an upgrade would be a nice thing to do. Not just for the member's mailboxes, but it also keeps more spam out of the archives, whether they be on Gmane or XFree86 or mirrors.

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