PCI ATI Radeon 9200SE

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I have great difficulties to make Dual Head work on the following card:

Chipset: ATI 9200SE
Bus: PCI
Provider: Sapphire

I am used to configure X servers, manually or using sax2 (the SuSE X config tool). I successfully already configured many NVidia cards at work.

But it seems this ATI card doesn't like me. This is the situation:

- lspci reports correctly the PCI ports for this card (0:9:0, 0:9:1)

- trying to use those Ids in 2 different device sections doesn't work (still single-head)

- trying to use the "Screen" option doesn't work either (still single-head)

- it seems in the X log file that the cart is recognized as an AGP card, which is wrong.

I am currently using the default X server of SuSE 9.2, xorg-x11-6.8.1

I would like to know:

- if anybody ever seen reports of dual head with this card working

- if it could help to try to use the "BusType" option which appeared recently in the radeon's driver options to force PCI. If yes, then do I have to recompile the complete X server or only the module ?

Many thanks for any hint, after several days of trial and error, I am about to give up :(

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