Inexper question I - Configuring monocromatic

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  Hello how are you, i hope you are all rigth. 

  Im from Argentina And Im new on all the Linux and free soft area so I will ask you to be patient with me because my liltle knowledge about the sistem and the errors on my wrigting. I have to ask you because nobody else seem to be rigth to ask about this. 

  My computer: 

      AMDK6 233MHz,  32MB ram, 700MB HD
  My video card:
      Trident TGUI9680 with 1MB memory
  My Monitor:
    My monitor is the problem, Is a DATAS black and white, wich I have to use because my other monitor just BUM!!! (^_^) And I have not the real sync rates for it but in win can do 1024x768 , 256 colors, arround 75Hz. If you know ho to get the real sync rates with no the manual please tell me I actually use a really big option (30-90 and 40-110) 
  My Problem:
  I get a debian distribution (DeMunDi, with the woody release) wich have the XFree86 4, it have been installed in 50 minutes but when I want to upload the graffic interface It dont do it, after 4 weeks I realese that the problem was that I have not mouse, I add the "AllowMouseOpenFail" option to the server falgs section and It gets up (TWM) realy realy fast, then my problem: It seems to be that only two of the four cuadrants are being showed, If I push F12 the menu appears in the middle down of the screen, and there is a black beetwen them, If I do xvidconfig and push "r" they swith left to rigth and rigth to left, and is not on focus.
  Well thats my problem and nobody has been able to answer me how to solve it, I hope you do.
  Thanks a lot for reading and again Im so sory about the erros that you can find And I hope you teach me to not do it again.
  Thanks again.
GridCube, Sings.
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