Imakefiles sprouting new XFree86 licenses..

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Hi all,

I'm not sure anyone has noticed this but I believe a fair few Imakefiles
in the XFree86 tree recently sprouted XFree86 licenses... a lot of ones
from the DRI project or from the PI days...

Now I'm not copyright holder on any of these files, but I also believe the
XFree86 project is not either so has no right to place its license on
them.. I can see some changes to the files are being copyrighted by the
XFree86 project,

I'm not sure what the status of these files are but looking at the
changelogs I can see many of the lib/GL ones came from PI originally which
would make them or VA the copyright owners along with the changes being
under the XFree86 project copyright but not license as you'd have
relicensed the file without the original copyright owners permission..
for example,

or are these files copyright abandonded? or was permission gotten?

No flames please, about the license itself or any of that I'm just
wondering about the workings of relicensing these files?


David Airlie, Software Engineer / airlied at
pam_smb / Linux DECstation / Linux VAX / ILUG person

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